2018 Mega Blood Drive for the Passover

The Church of God in New Windsor held a blood drive in conjunction with the 2018 Mega Blood Drive for the Passover. Along the East Coast, 12 Church of God locations held blood drives for three consecutive Sundays in April.

Father’s Day 2017

The Church of God hosted a special event to honor fathers. Dads enjoyed quality time with their families, played ping pong and ate from the burger bar.

Beautifying Rosemary’s Playground

More than 45 Church of God volunteers joined the Partnership for Parks to beautify Rosemary’s Playground, which had not been renovated in 20 years.

Plum Point Park Beautification and Cleanup

Volunteers beautified Plum Point Park in New Windsor, refurbishing picnic tables and sign posts, brightening up the scenery for Orange County residents and families who spend time at the park.

Brooklyn Tree Stewardship

About 30 Church of God volunteers arranged a tree stewardship volunteer activity in preparation of spring. They prepared 20 trees to reach maturity.

Super Bowl Sunday 2017

Family and friends gathered for Super Bowl Sunday 2017 at the Church of God. They watched the game through a 16-foot HD cinematic projector while enjoying a variety of delicious food prepared by the Church.

Environmental Cleanup in Albany

The Department of Recreation in Albany awarded Church volunteers for removing litter from Swinburne Park and Livingston Park, a gesture of servitude to the community.